Beyond Level One

Backcountry ski touring decisions in the real world

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"Well, it depends..."
Countless times, this cliche answer is uttered in avalanche courses around the world. As annoying it can be, the fact is, good decisions depend on many factors. So why not watch and learn how experts make their ski touring decisions, in real life, when their safety and well-being are on the line? Well now you can.

This season long course will highlight a wide range of mountain guides and pro skiers' decision making process on personal ski tours in their area(s). You'll see them process all the things "it depends" on, and make real decisions, when dealing with this ever changing medium called snow. A medium that is so fun, yet simultaneously dangerous.

Consider yourself a fly on the wall as these professionals screen grab their morning routine; processing the avalanche forecast, recent events, making a plan, and then several video clips during their tour, making their decisions based on observations and many other factors. You'll glean helpful tricks and techniques to up your game. By hearing from over 25 pros, in different snowpacks, with different problems, all season long. This could be the most eclectic nearly-real-time collection of snow learning available.

Avoiding avalanches is a big piece of the puzzle. Another, often overlooked, big piece is how to find the best snow. Learn how to find 'the goods' too!

Deliverables For Subscribers:
- Oct 15 - April 15
- 120 Episodes
- Audio files will be available for car listening pleasure (podcast style)
- Round table discussions events where the pros will cover pertinent topics
- Lean in, get stoked, and learn in a way never before attempted!

Contributing Guides & Pros in Different Areas: Learn from their style, decision making process, and general vibe when it comes to ski touring and avalanche mitigation. How they really do things, unfiltered.

Mark Smiley (Tetons WY & Nelson BC)
Janelle Smiley (Tetons WY)
Jediah Porter (Tetons)
Adam Fabrikant (Tetons)
Colter Hinchliffe (Aspen, CO)
Jason Antin (Front Range, CO)
Buster Jesik (Front Range, CO)
Ian Havlick (Crested Butte, CO & Iceland)
Erin Laine (San Juans, CO)
Doug Krause (San Juans, CO)
Andy Dorais (Wasatch)
Mike Hattrup (Wasatch UT & Sun Valley ID)
Zeb Blais (Tahoe, CA)
Cody Townsend (Tahoe, CA)
Beau Fredlund (Cooke City MT)
Lindsay Hamm (Western WA)
Shane Robinson (Western WA)
Jake Skeen (Western WA)
Marc Chauvin (White Mountains, NH)
Eric Carter (Whistler, BC)
Joe Stock (Anchorage, Alaska)
Stian Hagen (Chamonix, France)
Ben Tibbetts (Chamonix, France)
Mike Arnold (Chamonix, France)
with more to come...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to these episodes?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access - across any and all devices you own.
Can I access the episodes offline?
Yes. All episodes for this season are yours to keep, download or stream.
Can I ask questions?
Yes. Mark Smiley, and other pros, will be here to answer your specific questions.
Do I need to show a Level One proof of completion to get in?
You can enroll now without proof. An email confirmation will be sent with instructions to to submit your MTN Sense Avalauche course certificate of completion or your level one course completion. If you can’t find the card, the names of instructors, dates and location of your course will work too.
What if there’s no snow Oct 15?
We will cover other helpful topics until the snow flies! ie- gear, training, route planning, review some lessons, etc

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